about us 3sins

3SINS is a digital service agency, which serves businesses across India and overseas helping them excel in their digital efforts by creating valuable online experience. To us, design & development is more than just lines of code. We develop brands and focus more on quality.

Our Philosophy

“Good design is good business” and this is exactly we base our services with. We are highly committed in giving you the best digital tools so that your business can grow higher online. We understand that every business is unique. So, we work with you to identify what your digital goals are and further help you achieve them. Our drive is to make your websites work for you. Our main objective is to make your digital experience worthwhile by providing pragmatic marketing solutions. We are a digital agency that listens and works to get your desired results on time.

The major problem with “Aggregation” is that one will know where your bread is literally buttered. A prospective student can only enroll in one school and not in multiple. Keeping this factor in mind, if a marketing company sells you leads that are going to your competitors as well, then your agency essentially becomes your competitor. It is crazy for an agency to compete against its clients since you are the one paying their bills. That’s why we’ve never aggregated a lead and never will. We appreciate our clients’ business much beyond. But that’s not the only reason to partner with us. Here are few others…

Our Team

The team we have today is excellent, experienced, well treated and paid competitively. Rather than constantly recruiting and training new people to stretch our resources in the name of growth, we have chosen to limit our client and staff count accordingly. This is only to give you excellent service and leadership.

Limited Client Base

We have small and selected group of client partners. We accept new clients only when 2 factors satisfy us. One, when they fit our working criteria. And two, when we have the internal capacity to serve their requirements

Dedicated Marketing

Team You always have access to a dedicated team of Internet Marketing specialists with subject expertise in higher education. Our team regularly participates in skills development training and are up-to-date with the current industry trends.

The team is comprised of:
• Certified Google Adwords
• Internet Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing
•Reputation Management
• Project Coordination
• Web programming
• Market Research

Best Practices

 Consulting With 3SINS, you will know the right way of building a high online profile. Some proven “Best Practices” like SEO basics, rich content, conventional article structure, natural linking, proper tagging, image optimization and other SEO tricks will help you accomplish this. Since the competition is getting tougher each day, we will help you increase the chances of ranking higher so that potential clients find you much easier. Since 2012 we have worked on many websites. Thus, we have a good insight of what this world is.